Bad boys bikes and bargains….VROOM!

26 Feb

I love a leather clad bad boy me.

My Big Cuz Queen Marie got me in to bad boys and bikes when I was young. She used to have this poster  of Dave Lee Roth on the ceiling above her bed.

We would lie staring at him listening to Van Halen. And so the love for badness and long hair ( and later beards) began at a young age

The Beardy Man is a fair-weather biker just because his Red 600 Fazer doesn’t like the rain. He has a 1974 Honda, in boxes.So he nips about in his dad’s (Paw Kettle) wee green Peugeot, longing for the freedom and speed of his bike.We often hear the roar of bike engines as they speed through our wee village at night. I hear the Beardy Man sob into his pillow and mutter “Bastards”.

Anyway I thought I would share the Beardy Man’s excitement and disappointment.

On Thursday the 7th of March Aldi are bringing to a shop near you a shed load of biker goodies.


They are selling compression underwear at £7.99, top and bottom separately,as well as thermal socks

They are selling helmets at £29.99


 And neck warmers,gloves and balaclava

They are selling boots at £29.99, however the sizes start from a 7, so any female bikers with small feet will have to search elsewhere, or buy loads of thermal socks!

I love Parthan gloves simply because they make me think of pig’s trotters.I used to have a pair.

The Beardy Man is a Trekkie and calls them vulcan gloves. I also had the sticky on ears for my helmet, pig ones of course!

The only problem I had was that when I was on the back of the bike and numptys with no road sense would pull out or drive too close, giving them the finger just didn’t work. I just looked like a waving demented pig.

Buying the right size of helmet was a laugh a minute….for the Beardy Man. We were in the shop and I tried on the parthan gloves wishing they were pink, and the Beardy Man spotted a helmet “Big enough to take a cabbage”.

He popped it on my head for size and walked off to the other end of the shop. Just at that the visor closed and I couldn’t get it open because of my gloves.

I spiralled into a panic and ran all the way through the shop shouting for help. The Beardy Man said I looked like an extra from a bad sci-fi movie, knocking over everything in my path.  I could have died in that helmet. We left the shop with no purchases as the Beardy Man couldn’t stop laughing and I was mortified and went in a huff.

Anyway back to the bargains of Aldi, apart from the motorcycle goods there are plenty of other buys such as duvets,air compressors, screwdriver sets and drill bits. The gardening goods are also on sale with cute wee ankle wellies on offer as well as grow bags and compost bins.

So I’m thinking of buying seeds and planting my own flowers and vegetables. I am hoping that I will be able to grow cabbages to make soup and coleslaw. And when the Beardy Man goes to buy me a bike helmet I won’t need to go, he can just take a cabbage and let it try the helmets for size.

I’m off to ogle some bad boys on bikes.


I WANT to know you Dave. Truly I do. Call me.


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