A new edition to the family

11 Jan

Yes he arrived just before baby Jesus birthday…our wee baby Brennan.

The Beardy Man had bought me Classic Rock Magazine as there was an interview with Bill Nelson (an overlooked guitar hero).

As usual I didn’t get the chance to look at it first, the Beardy Man retreated to his office, the room where we keep the shower, to catch up on guitar gossip.Then I heard a stumbling as he tumbled into the living room clutching the magazine and his trousers. He was babbling and looking all bright-eyed as though he had discovered something wonderful and no-one else knew about it.Then he placed the magazine on my lap.There, gracing the page in all its petite glory was the “Baby Brennan”. Ahhh. I was smitten. Then he then explained all about the Brennan jb7.I wanted one. NOW!

We re-read the article and searched online. We read the official website info and watched the infomercials on youtube.We were very impressed. Then reality hit. How much would this cost? Given the rate of inflation and the cost of anything gadgety I decided that it would be nearly a grand.Then the Beardy Man said that it was just under £500 for 500 gb. A pound a gigabyte? Surely you haver? I thought about it for a nano second and then said “Lets buy it!”

We justified buying it as we had not bought each other birthday presents, as we didn’t know what we wanted and didn’t need anything at the time. And we were giving each other a warm firm hand shake for Christmas. So it was settled. We were getting one.

We cleared a space on top of our defunct minidisk player. The Beardy Man set about setting it up. It has it’s own built in amp so we could connect straight to the speakers. However we have a fab Arcam amp and big fek off Tannoy speakers so we rigged it up through these for the ultimate music experience. It has an alarm clock and we were awakend by Metallica followed by Puccini and decided to get up with Sugar Pie Desanto. Pure culture in oor hoose.

What I like about it is the simplicity of it. You upload your cd’s and then put them away or sell them. I use the random button and let it play whatever it wants. We have a pact, no matter how crap the cd it goes in the baby Brennan (psst….I love Rick Astley…don’t tell a soul…..thanks) but we blame the other for the bad taste cd (Beardy Man has some crackers…Bjork) We also have the option of downloading our tapes and LP’s and of course our mini disks. Some of our cd’s are not recognised so you have to put the info in manually using the dinky remote.The Beardy Man has a tantrum every time he puts Bjork into the jb7 as she is never recognised. It even recognises bad taste music,  how cool is that?

I just love the design, the sleekness, the simplicity and the tactile feeling of the remote.The remote is so small it fits in the palm of my hand, and I have wee hands. I buy children’s gloves.

Now it’s a family affair, my big Cuz Queen Marie is buying one, so is my uncle and my big Cuz David. We think Paw Kettle might get one too. Then we can have a baby Brennan party and link our jb7’s together and swap music!

So all in all it was a great Christmas, I looked after Santa really well and I was kept on to help clean the grotto and sort Santa’s clothes for next year. The Christmas dinner was fab, and I think my wee brother is moonlighting as a chef at some posh nosh place in the toon. And to top it all the mammy never mentioned the grim reaper.No not once. Well maybe when I was at the loo.


Health and happiness to all in 2012. Hope it’s a fantastic year!


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