Ooooeeeerrrrr Brabra!

18 Dec

Well obviously Barbara wasn’t wearing  supporting sports bra. Or was she?

(Warning! rant ahead)

How many times women have jogged by me in all the running gear only money can buy, and their girls (I know, I’m clutching my girls at the thought of that!) are just doing their own thing and I wince and think OUCH! Blokes, I know what you are thinking.

So sports bras, what are they all about? Well I think they are a con, because they are as mythical as a Hogwarts wand.If you are bigger than a “C” cup forget it. I have spent a small fortune over the years on sports bras and the girls were still leaping about. They can give me the sturdiest straps with maximum support but its the material that covers the girls that just doesn’t work. They still make a bid for escape.

Freya make underwired sports bras. Yes your read right, UNDERWIRED! Ok underwired bras are ok on your daily working girls, or the big night out girls, but how many of us have been impaled by the wire? I don’t fancy stabbing myself in the middle of a Zumba class. It’s so hard-core I might be lucky and they would move me to the side and deal with me later, or, just Zumba right over the top of me.

So I am none too happy. If you are a girl with a voluptuous pair and like high to extreme high impact (that’s aerobic apparently) you have to pay an extra amount of money, up to 10 quid dearer and I am not convinced they will work. Then to top it all I found this. Yes ladies I am thinking the same as you, skinny models no boobs, not real ladies with big girls. And have you noticed the pouting? Their information about damage that can be done is informative, but I was too busy hating them to listen. Blokes you can have that for your w@£k bank.

I have my own girl hugger which works very well for me.

I wear a fitting cotton t shirt

and 2 old bras. One is a “triumph” and the other is a “freya”. I have had them for years and although they are old and grey they are still sturdy. The end result of this 1,2,3 formation is that the girls are snug but not squashed, and they don’t move at all. No bounce. No jiggle. No chaffing on my raspberry ripples.

So ladies don’t believe the hype, find what is comfortable for you. Just because it has a sports label doesn’t mean it’s going to work. But if all else fails you can make your own.

Ladies, let me know your thoughts on sports bras! Blokes,I can guess!



3 Responses to “Ooooeeeerrrrr Brabra!”

  1. Jeyna Grace December 18, 2011 at 11:21 am #

    But hogwarts is real to some ppl, so i guess sports bra works on some ppl as well. LOL!

  2. Queen Marie December 18, 2011 at 10:49 pm #

    Reading this reminded me of a friend of Mhairi’s at school, who was rather well endowed. She always called her bra – “an over shoulder boulder holder”


    ps – loving the snow on the page.
    If only the snow in the real world was as harmless.
    Bah Humbug

  3. Martin McKay (@martin_mckay) December 24, 2011 at 12:55 pm #

    This is like, too much sharing.

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