Black Eyed Peas are playing in my house…

11 Dec

but I’d rather it was LCD sound system( a nice wee mashup)

After buying a boxything that records TV when it feels like it, I got a £10 off voucher from Argos (I hate that bloody advert). So I bought the Black Eyed Peas Wii disc for £20. I would never have bought it at £30! I do like a wee dance and sport my disco pants for such events.

Now the Wii has been gathering dust for a while, enough to make a twin set, and the beardy man sighed as I was doing the girlie thing of oooo where does this go and what size of batteries do I need?And to think I can clean an idle jet in an engine, fix the car when it catches a flat and drive in a snow storm.

So I switched it on, clutched the hand thingy and danced along to “Meet me half way”. Now, its all pixellated and there are dancers with wigs on, and I am none too happy. So after a few grape vines and hip thrusting and jumping for which I sport my miss mary of sweden, I thought, is this it? I searched for other levels thinking that I would then compete with real dancers and then get a gig with Fergie and she would send a limo round. But no. It just trundled through every tune with much the same moves with a dancer with a burning hand. It was so crap that Big Doc was up visiting and after laughing his head off at me as he passed the handthing to me and clocked up 400 points! WTF! So I use it for exercise and don’t even bother with the handthing.

And at one point I was even thinking of getting everyone involved on Christmas day. Lets face it I can’t see us moving all the zimmers out the way (mine included. Long story involving new job)  to bust a few moves but I can see us fighting for the I am most intelligent trophy. I have to say I am glad we have ditched who wants to be a millionaire. We ditched it after our 3rd Xmas. The mammy kept shouting out the answers even when it wasnt her shot. Called Chris Tarrant a poultice (he brings out the bad in people) and went in a huff.

So  I got to thinking what ever happened to the good old retro games? Asda are selling “monopoly” and “operation” as well as a new twist on kerplunk for £10. And I was thinking of good old monopoly.  But then I remembered I am crap at counting and the Beardy Man would be giving me arithmetic lessons and I would have a massive tantrum and hog the loo all day. So that game is out.

Operation? No too many people with jazz hands.

Cluedo? I get bored and make my own rules up. I also get it muddled up with murder mystery weekends. Miss Scarlet is a tart anyway. And Reverend Green is not a pillar of the community.

Charades? I love being so pretentious. I mimed “Love in the time of cholera” and have never lived it down for being up myself. But I did win. So there.

There are so many new board games out and some of them I have to say have me perplexed. The only way is Essex???? You have landed in Jades salon. You have ten minutes to give your grandma an all over fake tan and give your uncle a back crack and sack wax. GO! (Ladies, enjoy)

So I have decided that I am taking this along to my wee brothers to play after dinner.

With any luck it might break a finger or two and I won’t need to do the dishes. Or if I am feeling evil, really really evil, a wee game of twister right after dinner. I love Christmas me!


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