Hangin with Inspector Gadget

11 Nov

One day I came home to find the Beardy Man crying into an empty mug. The kettle had blown up. His world had ended. The Beardy Man is a serious Tea Jenny of olympic proportions.

He dragged out his huge stash of “Which?” magazines and various catalogs to search for the perfect kettle, and because I am redundant I had the time to trawl through them all! And I did .That’s a lie. I googled and I found this.

Its small and perfectly formed and it suits us. It sits on the work top next to the “Fridge of Mordor”.It is also an energy-saving appliance. There was the big question of what happens when we get visitors? Well I have a coffee maker from the 80’s that makes the real deal, and the visitors can get their tea first. It only takes 32 elephants.

The only thing I would say is that  because of it’s shape, I do splash the water when I am pouring it in the back, but that’s because I’m usually thinking about where I stashed the cakes, and not concentrating on the task at hand.

It comes in at just under 35 quid.I know I could buy a kettle a lot cheaper but they take longer and I am fed up with the Beardy Man watching the electric meter like a man possessed every time I put the kettle on! So this is ideal, and making tea isn’t such a chore. It’s also cute, it coughs out that last wee drop of water. Aw bless. It’s inanimate, but I’m in love.


One Response to “Hangin with Inspector Gadget”

  1. Queen Marie November 14, 2011 at 10:19 am #

    I feel his pain.
    I too have a serious tea problem.
    A broken kettle means a broken life.
    Having witnessed your wundermachine in action, it is easy to see why you have fallen in love with it!!!!!


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