I hate Sookie STACKHOUSE!!!!!

29 Oct

Oh yes I do! Not content in having a Shape shifter

One Vampire

Two Vampire’s

And a Werewolf. No sorry a FEKIN HOOOOT Werewolf all falling over themselves to make mad passionate unearthly lurv to her, she has just discovered she is a Fairy!

I hate her. If only I were a fairy.Of course I would create world peace and want absolutely no recognition for my altruistic expression. And then I would magic up shoes and bags and the winning numbers for every lottery from now ’til doomsday. Sookie doesn’t have that kind of imagination. So there.

Anyway the reason for this post? I want to let you know although I hate Sookie Stackhouse, I like the fact she and all the cast of True Blood regularly appear in my post box in the form of LOVEFILM.

It is the best £13.27 a month I could spend. I also have unlimited on-line viewing, but I only have a 13 inch screen Mac.For that we get 2 discs at a time unlimited. So my films arrive one day, we watch them that night, post them the next day and 2 days later we have another 2 DVDs.  Magical. Ahhhh.

I do freak the beardy man out with all the subtitled world cinema. The latest one being the Italian film ” Loose Cannon”. If you want to try it out you can get a month’s free trial, but they will ask for your bank details as you have to register.

In the good old 80’s we used to have “Drive in Movies” where you phoned and booked your betamax or vhs videos and they were delivered along with a chippie if you wanted (needed to build up a good relationship with the shop staff first)

So the “Staying in is the new going out” and to be honest its cheap and cheerful (That’s if you like the company) and a “wee Kerry oot” and some snakaroonies and you are sorted for a real good night. And before long you will be watching world cinema and be pure cultuerred like me and the beardy man.

So Sookie, bet you are jealous now. Doesn’t suit you doll.


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