Hurrah for Halloween

25 Oct

Of course I will be dressing up as Che. Got the beard and cigar from Tam Shepherds joke shop in Glasgow, as I had the beret and army gear from the 80’s.Anyway my guise went down a wee treat at Jenni McGinty’s 21st!(Photos are too incriminating. The beard looked too real)

Been out looking at all of the bargains, and the supermarkets are all stocked up and so is my beloved poundies. TKMaxx have lots of Halloween ornaments, and I got side-tracked by Christmas decorations. Usual.

As far as costumes are concerned, kids costumes in Matalan were by far the most impressive.Or you can try your hand at some homemade outfits. Check out  Burdastyle , you can download free patterns as well as buy some. Or why not check out Etsy or Bigcartel for some hand crafted outfits.Or if you want some hints and tips or some advice check out Kestrel finds and makes

Anyway I prefer Halloween to Christmas. The colours the smells the excitement. I keep my Halloween ornaments on display all year round. I love pumpkins.So I decided to grow my own.I bought a pack for 2 quid. There were only 3 seeds in the bloody packet! I planted them as per instructions. I checked on them every day. Watered them when needed and watched the sprouting of their first leaves. I sang to them. I stroked them. I showered them with love.But alas not to be. The slugs got there first. The dirty slimy sleekit slugs with their wee smug slug faces.

So I will have to buy pumpkins (1 quid in asda) and put them in the garden and live a lie.

The slugs have signed their death warrant. Not happy eating my rhubarb and all of my herbs, they dared to stuff their faces with my pumpkins. Wrong move. Salt is cheap,very cheap.But I am beginning to see a pattern of behaviour. Do I carry the warrior gene and fated to be a psycho killer?


But on a lighter note, Strathclyde park are hosting a drive in Halloween Movie. Just over 50 quid for 4 in a car. This includes drinks sweets and popcorn. No Buckie allowed! They are showing the Corpse bride for the kids, and The Ring for bigger kids.

I’ll pass. I’ll just hug my pumpkins, go out guising with Fidel and avoid the Halloween muggers.










One Response to “Hurrah for Halloween”

  1. Queen Marie October 28, 2011 at 3:36 pm #

    I too hate the slimy slugs but hey love me.
    They love me very much.
    I don’t know if it will make you feel beter or worse, but my pumpkins also failed to come to anything.

    Queen Marie

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