Pants.Big pants…but in a good way…

18 Sep

Mackinnon Mills.Coatbridge. Just off the M8. What a little surprise that is! The mammy wanted to go. Parked so easily and not any screaming kids about.

So MacKinnon Mills is viewed as a silver shopper paradise, and yes I was the youngest there, but I was surprised at my findings. The mammy is an avid bargain hunter, but needs me as a wing man as she gets bored and misses fab bargains. That’s where I come in.

There are many sections in Mac Mills, including crafts and sports. A lot of clothing is old-fashioned women’s guild kind of clothing, Mrs Doubtfire would be comfortable, however I did find some lovely dress and coats.

I was also impressed the range of lovely summer clothing for the more voluptuous lady, tasteful and glamorous. The underwear was very well made and inexpensive. Pants were pants and had lace no matter how large the pair!

Shoes and boots were really reasonable. Ok some were made for bunion feet but on closer inspection there were some unusual Italian shoes and boots that I would have bought.(Damn forgot to take a photo)

Being the queen of bedding the mammy was impressed with the duvet covers, the quality and price had her birling on the spot. She bought a beautiful regal double duvet cover for 22 pounds!

The main attraction for me was the cafe. For those who frequent “fifi and ali” here it is on a budget. Afternoon tea sans champagne for 8 quid and no pretensions. You get good old-fashioned home-made cakes and pieces.For Scottish blokes…I’m guessing “Sare Haun Peeces”

Go check it out, they even have a play area to dump your kids, as well as a craft section that I will check out with  my pal Kim later in the year.So watch this space for home made Christmas decorations…lucky you!!!


One Response to “Pants.Big pants…but in a good way…”

  1. Queen Marie September 24, 2011 at 6:46 pm #

    I am so there!!!!
    Also realising that the mammies are to blame for so many things but the ‘duvet disease’ has had a good hold of me for many a long year now. I don’t think there is any known cure…

    Queen Marie

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