I was lost but now I’m found………

10 Sep

When did that happen? When did I disappear up my own backside?

Since my redundancy I have reemerged rather quickly and oh is it painful!

I have been conned and let myself be conned. I have believed the hype and bought into it big time.

But what the hell am I talking about? The secret of youthful skin, Yep. I’m a muppet.

I succumbed to buying cream that claims to have nanonoonoo technology discovered in the fruit from the fountain of youth tree that exists in the darkest part of the amazon and only flowers every 10th Sunday under a blue moon.

So I have bought it all. No I don’t want nasty chemicals…hello Dr Hushka and Neal’s Yard.Yes I do want face constricting chemicals…hello Elizabeth Arden and Garnier. All very lovely smelling products that made my skin feel nice and dispelled the dryness.

But alas I can’t afford to indulge myself, and so I went back to good old Nivea simply because it was peeking out of my husband’s toilet bag.

Slapping it on and taking care not to drag my skin, I felt the instant hydration and thought “When did I turn my back on simplicity?”It  smells nice, it comes in all sizes it can fit in your bag,and to be honest there is something vintage and appealing about the blue and white design and it only costs£ 1.99  for 200 ml.

I’m off to “Poundies!”

  I’m so worth it!


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