Lidl VERSUS Costco

29 Aug



The discussion in my home is around fruit and veg deals. My husband has realised fruit is actually quite nice and makes him feel better rather than scoffing a bag of biscuits.

So we had a trip to Costco, the shopping mecca for food. My husband was beside himself at the packs of cheese, meat and pastries.

The pastries! oh the pastries! We tried so hard to justify buying a box of 20 Danish pastries, and opted for croissants, which are in the freezer and have surprisingly lasted longer than expected.

The fruit and veg were no cheaper than lidl. A water Melon was £3 but about £2 in lidl. I paid £2.50 for 6 kiwi fruit, but they were not hairy, they were yellow and sooo sweet.

At one point my husband disappeared and I found him in a trance at the buffet section staring at a tray of 12 chicken and veg wraps at £7.“If I buy that tray of chicken wraps they will last me for 3 days” he said, and I was thinking “I’m driving home. Scoffed at the first slip road”.

On the whole we probably made a small saving, but I didn’t calculate how much, and I have to take into account the petrol. My personal opinion is you make a great saving on cleaning products and washing liquid for clothes [£10 for 5 litres), shampoos you could get a better deal in a supermarket. All in all if you run a small business especially in catering or a b and b, then Costco is for you. But if you are not in the Costco club and don’t have the wee card with your mug shot on it, stick with Aldi and Lidl and specials in your supermarket, and keep your photos to yourself!


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