humble jumble

28 Aug

What ever happened to “Jumble Sales”?

Saturday mornings at local community hall were usually where you would find me with my Gran. They were usually run by the Women’s Guild or the Girl Guides.The entry fee usually included a wee cup of tea and some home baking as well as the option to buy toothrot tablet which ALWAYS tasted sooo nice!

You could buy all sorts of stuff! Clothing, toys, books, shoes bags,beads and, ahem…..underwear!(It’s ok I won’t go in to details)

I bought many a fab outfit for my school disco, or for me to experiment with. I even bought a fab tweed coat that had a velvet collar as well as clothes from the 60’s.I just loved getting a bargain at the age of ten!

But now we have tabletop sales. Just a posh jumble to me. We also have car boot sales, which are sometimes too big or in a muddy field and sometimes just seem dodgy.AND you can’t buy jam or home baking anymore. Health and safety police everywhere! If I want to buy home-made jam from a woman with a moustache, then that is my choice surely?

Anyway if you want to buy “Vintage” and feel that the so-called vintage shops are just a rip-off, check out your local communities for table top sales or if you want to try a car boot and find some treasure, check out this which will give you the listings in your local area.


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